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2 Dozen Haitian Artists Call for Resignations and Petrocaribe Prosecutions



A group of 24 Haitian artists released a note on Sunday entitled "Haitian Artist Position on the Social, Political, Economic Conjunction that is Affecting the Country".

In the letter, the artist mostly of the Kompa genre recognized the public in the street looking for change and asked the officials in power to recognize their failure to deliver. The artists also requested for a change in government and judicial processes against corruption to address the biggest cancers in the country, "corruption and impunity".

The letter reads:

We, the artists, who are part of the "Coalition of Haitian Artists", and from the heart of the population, salute the courage of the Haitian people, particularly the young people, who have decided to stand up and cry out against a political and economic system that is destroying their dreams with every passing day. A squeeze-and-hold system that stands formidable to dampen the hopes of a people with a long and beautiful history.

For some time now, artists have noticed the country's plummeting situation. As genuine Haitians, it is with great sadness that artists are witnessing the number of people on the streets who say they are tired of hunger, insecurity, unemployment, social exclusion, corruption, fighting for power, etc. Today, no one can cope with their responsibilities to a country that is called a landlord, an expensive landlord, but has been ruined in a social, political and economic crisis for several months.

After several talks to analyze the situation in the cold, the "Coalition of Haitian Artists", like many other sectors of national life, identified CORRUPTION and IMPUNITY as the nation's leading cancer scourge.

The artists realize that it is these two elements that put the country in its murky state, where many children are fleeing it to seek better lives overseas. One of the major manifestations of the outbreak of the people's anger with this cancer is the national uprising against the dilapidated PETROCARIBE fund a program that was established to improve the living conditions of the population.

The artists took time to think, listen to other experienced adults before taking a stand on the conjecture. This record was needed because it helps artists realize how urgent the card is to be refilled because the population can no longer suffer.

It's time for all the political actors, realizing they all failed and the population does not see the change it is looking for. It's time for the nation's wealth to stop serving one category of people. It is time for civil society to play its proper role in participating in the development of the country that is on the verge of extinction. It is time for the fear-mongering majority to take its toll, but to prevent a corrupt politician, without vision or ethics, continues to seize power to enrich themselves. It is time for another leader to persuade the country to define, in unity and peace, a viable society project that aims at the well-being of every Haitian as Dessalines' father had hoped.

In essence, the "Coalition of Haitian Artists" has decided to take a stand for the people who are demanding another form of state-centered social justice, where people can and have not had their hands soaked for the past 30 years, that must persuade the country.

In this new Haiti, the Artists believe it must begin with the realization of the PETROCARIBE trial, which will be a symbol for the Haitian people to cut off anger and corruption, impunity and abolitionist politicians.

The "Coalition of Haitian Artists" will renew their commitment to stand by the people until the corn is ripe, until the PetroCaribe Trial is born, guilty of taking the ropes and the new State we want to rebuild our country with another example.

Haiti is for us all. Down corruption. Aba Impunity. Live a new Haiti!

1.- Lord Kinomorsa Divers (king Kino), 2.- Ricky Juste, 3.- Kenny F Desmanges, 4.- Telfort Stevenson (Atros), 5.- Jean Leonard Tout-puissant (Izolan), 6.- Joseph Zenny Junior, 7.- Jean Herard Richard (Richy), 8.- Daniel Fils Aimé (Tonton Bicha), 9.- Patrick Handal, 10.- Misty Jean, 11.- Eders Stanis (Pipo), 12.- Roberto Pierre Paul (Berto Bel Fun), 13.- Fredo (Camping), 14.- Junior Happiness, 15.- Donald Joseph (FreshLa), 16.- Ernst Vincent, 17.- Theo Jadotte, 18.- James Telfor (Pilan), 19.- Pierre Louis Frederic, 20.- Djud Kelyton Pierre, 21.- Rolls Lainé, 22.- Emmanuel Pierre (MannoBeats), 23.- Arly Larivière, 24.- Jude Jean.

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