Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Justice Department considering Special Prosecutor for Hillary Clinton

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Haiti Sentinel

WASHINGTON, D.C. (sentinel.ht) – The U.S. Justice Department has formally begun a review of various allegations, mountains of evidence, of corruption against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with regard to the Comey-Mishandling of Classified Emails Investigation, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One and State Department, in order to determine whether steps should be taken to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and possible bring forth indictments.

News of the movements inside justice is sending shock waves through press, with news agencies, long considered mouthpieces for the Clintons, pushing out articles not hiding their positions which are to bury the allegations and never uncover the truth.

For example, The New York Times‘ headline is “Trump Shatters Longstanding Norms by Pressing for Clinton Investigation”. The writer, Peter Baker, basically asserts that it would be improper for the Trump administration to investigate his campaign foe.

But Baker fails to see that the appointment of a special prosecutor is much more different than if the Justice Department were to take on the investigation, as it did when it investigated Hillary Clinton over the mishandling of classified information under President Barack Obama. A special prosecutor, in fact, absolves the administration from influencing justice. A special prosecutor was also being called for under Obama, in that investigation. The New York Times was not so pointed in its position then.

CNN, also known as, the Clinton News Network, published an article by Chris Cilliza, who usually writes for another Clinton speakerbox, the Washington Post. The title of the CNN piece is “Jeff Sessions sure looks like he is taking orders from Trump on a Clinton special counsel”.

Cilliza is taking another stab at defending the Clintons by trying to degrade the authority of AG Sessions by mentioning President Trump’s promise to voters that goes back to the campaign. In either case, a special prosecutor would ensure fairness in the process and is there for irrelevant to the Cilliza assumed concerns.

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