Monday, September 24, 2018
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Norwegian Red Cross exaggerated, conflated earthquake relief in Haiti

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Norway’s Red Cross claimed that money it had collected from Norwegians for the 2010 earthquake in Haiti helped build 25 health centers, four blood banks and thousands of temporary homes. Following an investigation by Verdans Gang, the country’s leading newspaper, it was discovered that none of these claims were true.

VG writes in an October 4, 2017 article, that a few days prior to publishing, the Norwegian Red Cross’ website had, moreover, touted its Haiti earthquake relief.

Following on the ground investigations which began focused on Hurricane Matthew’s destruction but uncovered the truth of the January 12, 2010 earthquake relief, VG found these facts.

25 health centers were built in Haiti, claimed the Red Cross of Norway.
– But 23 of them were there before the disaster occurred.

About 1,000 temporary homes were built, claimed the Red Cross of Norway.
– 300 of these homes did not exist.

The Norwegian Red Cross said that collected Norwegian funds had helped build four blood banks.
– In reality, the blood banks were funded by the Red Cross’ of completely different countries.

On the Red Cross of Norway, the relief effort in Haiti appeared as a massive force. Today, after VG’s systematic review, the “wreck list” is heavily downgraded.

The Norwegian Red Cross now admits that none of the 25 health centers in Haiti have received contributions from funds collected in Norway. Neither the blood banks.

“We made a mistake. It should not have happened,” acknowledged the International Director, Torris Jaeger, of Norway’s Red Cross. “The information was published in good faith,” he said.

“I believe our efforts in Haiti were good. We did a good job based on the prerequisites we had. We did not have to brag about things we have not done,” said Jaeger.

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Post source : Verdans Gang

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