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Transportation Unions’ “Day of Warning” Strike Successful

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – To express their discontent with the Finance Law of 2017-18, the transportation unions announced “a day of warning” strike for Monday, September 18, 2017, and by all metrics, the movement was a success. The strike was respected throughout the metropolitan region and many departments, but for a minority of provincial towns, such as Gonaives and Cap-Haitian.

The unions gave the president a week to reverse his decision to publish the budget in the official newspaper Le Moniteur, or they would enter into an indefinite work stoppage.

While in the provincial cities the strike day was not fully respected, it was not the same for Port-au-Prince where all activities were at a standstill. Banks, companies, schools were forced to close as all movement was paralyzed. This was observed by reporters from Loop Haiti.

Several transportation unions say they are “100% satisfied” in their movement and congratulated the population for their solidarity with the movement, while staying at home. Senator Antonio Chéramy (Ouest/Verite), applauded Monday’s events, speaking live on Radio Kiskeya, the courage of the Haitian people who understood the meaning of the claims.

Call to Reason

This “warning” strike is launched to force President Jovenel Moïse, currently in New York to participate in the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations, to reverse his decision to publish as budget the official newspaper Le Moniteur , if he wants to prevent the country from falling into chaos.

Changeux Mehu calls the president to “reason”. The President of the Association of Haitian Owners and Owners (ACPH) said that a “budget law must be in harmony with the will of the people”. Congratulating the Director General of the Police for the efforts made yesterday to ensure the safety of the people, Changeux Méhu, contacted on Tuesday by telephone, affirms that the movement of the strikers do not aim “to annoy the government but to defend the interests of the poorest. There is a struggle for balance in the budget to be much more focused on parliament and the chair. ”

During his five-year term, the president wants to “rationalize state spending, fight corruption. But why not punish corrupters? “Asked Mr. Mehu. “Why do not we try to identify those who have eaten the Petro-Caribe money? Why do you want the poorest people to pay the debt? “. The trade unionist denounces any attempt to equate his movement with the “manipulation” of the economic actors of the private sector. “The problem we are dealing with and what we deplore in the text, namely the abrupt increase in taxes that are considered exorbitant, is very real. The law is there: we are not ignorant, “he said.

“The president has up to a week to listen to the cry of the population and to silence all the noises around the budget issue by taking into consideration the demands expressed by various sectors. Otherwise, unlimited strike days will be announced until the president decides otherwise. ”

In a new program called “Pawòl Chanjman”, inaugurated on the public channel, President Jovenel Moise, before his departure for the UN, had announced his intention to publish the budget in the official newspaper Le moniteur, as voted by the two Houses of Parliament.

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Post source : Loop Haiti

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