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Hurricane Irma intensifies to Category 5, Haiti on Yellow Alert

Samuel Maxime


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Hurricane Irma went from a Category 3 to 5 in just over the span of a day and is now being called a “potentially catastrophic category 5 hurricane” by the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC). In Haiti, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) is holding the pre-vigilance level of Yellow, as posted on Sunday, when the storm was still a Category 3. This is expected to change with the center’s next update.

Preparations for the arrival of the hurricane “must be accelerated and completed in the hurricane alert zone,” insisted the NHC. At 1200 GMT Irma was 440 kilometers east of Antigua and had winds of 280 km / h.
A hurricane alert is in effect for Antigua, Barbados, the British and American Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy as well as Puerto Rico.

Latest from Haiti Meteo as of 11:05 AM, September 5, 2017:

Hurricane IRMA Category 5

   Location: 440 Km East of ANTIGUA

   Location: 445 Km East South East of Barbados

   Wind speed: 5 km / h

   Traveling time: West: 22km / h

   Minimum Pressure: 929 mb or HPa

   Observation on Haiti

   Mostly sunny this morning.

   Forecast on Haiti in relation to Hurricane IRMA

   Indeed, Hurricane IRMA is reinforced in category 5 under the scale
   SAFFIR -SIMPSON, it moves westwards at a speed of 22km / h. The
   IRMA Center should cross the north of the Lesser Antilles from
   of this evening, while keeping its characteristics of Major Hurricane
   is expected to run north of the island of Haiti from Thursday to Friday.

   To this end, the country will expect risks of heavy rain
   storms, to gusts of extremely violent winds on the
   which are gradually becoming widespread and a
   ranging from 2 to 4 m, which could overwhelm a
   part of the northern coast of the country.

   Consequently, the SPGRD in conjunction with the UHM launches this Tuesday 04
   September 2017 at 9:30 AM AM the Pre-Alert phase at
   Yellow vigilance (i.e. risk of impact of intensity Low to moderate)
   heavy rains, gales and announces the activation of the Plan
   The National Risk and Disaster Management (NMRPD)
   threats of heavy rain and strong winds with the risk of landslides,
   swells, landslides and floods all over the world.

   The SPGRD together with UHM officially asks the population
   Haitians to prepare and stay tuned to the newsletters
   meteorological information that will be disseminated throughout the
   dangerous system.


     * Stay tuned for weather reports
     * Stay tuned for instructions from local authorities
     * Place important papers in a safe place.
     * Prepare food kits
     * Prepare to evacuate, areas exposed to flooding and
       landslides: (seashores, gullies, rivers, flanks
       mountains, etc.).
     * Do not cross flooded rivers under any circumstances.

     * In the event of thunderstorms and strong winds, do not
       windows and wooded area.
     * Secure anything that can be blown away by the wind and
       found outside the house: garbage, tools, posters,
       Lamps and decorative bulbs
     * Get off any heavy object placed high: antennas, signs …

   Colas Waldo, Forecasting Officer

   Seen and approved by Ronald Semelfort: UHM Coordinator

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