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“El Tooly”, on the Throne of Taiwan’s ‘Top Singers’ Idol Competition

Samuel Maxime


TAIPEI, Taiwan ( – Suart-Venly “El Tooly” Burocher, 21, has just been crowned the new king of Top Singers, a talent competition in Taiwan similar to American Idol in the United States. But in this large-scale competition, internationals come together, face-to-face in music, to perform music in the Taiwanese dialect of Taiyu, a kind of Chinese Creole spoken by 70% of the population.


Each weekend, the winner of the “duel” of the previous week faces a new competitor, in front of a panel of judges, singers and talent coaches and scouts of the Taiwanese music scene. By seizing the throne, El Tooly surpassed Axiu, a young Malawian artist, who until then had been unanimously loved by the judges and the Taiwanese public. The Haitian rose to beat he, who before seemed unbeatable.

In the imposing enclosure of the Sanli-TV, his name was on everyone’s lips. Axiu. Originally from Malawi, the state of Southern Africa, the latter became the big darling of the “Top Singers” hook-a-thon, one of the summer’s must-see shows in Taiwan. On the social networks, thousands of viewers praised their darling all day long, both for its artistic prowess and for its mastery of their dialect. There were six shows in a row that he made only a mouthful of his successive competitor. He was superstar of the show! … until the entry of a certain Suart-Venly Burocher of Haiti.

This native from the plains of Cul-de-Sac, with his great experience of musical competitions, attracted attention from his introduction on the television set by sharing with the public, as an aperitif, some flavors of Haitian music, acapella, the first notes of “Ala fanm yo bèl” by Ansy Dérose and the folklore “Latibonit o”. By this entry he seemed to have already conquered the public, tipped the scales in his favor in the hearts of the judges, and seriously intimidated his adversary. It was under a thunder of applause that he entered a Taiwanese title to 13 million views on youtube, “wu mian” (without sleeplessness), the rock-folk-pop group Sinophone Sodagreen … the music that would allow him to conquer the throne.

“Wooooooooooooow” judges and animators did not hide their appreciation for the one in whom they already see an artist confirmed to the “rare stamp”. They particularly praised the sweetness and emotion with which his interpretation was imprinted. The scores corroborated their statements. Thunderclap in Taipei City! The reigning champion was deposed. El Tooly outclassed Axiu. Final score: 24.0 against 23.8 (out of a total of 25 possible points)! What to proud the few Haitian supporters come to encourage this rising star of music. Henceforth, a new king sat on “Top Singers”.
The following weeks confirmed this new reign. On the evening of August 20, 2017, El Tooly defeated California-born American Andrew Walton (score: 24-23.4), and on Sunday, August 27, he outscored a second American, John McDonald, State of Michigan (score: 23.70 – 23.20). The Haitian flag eclipses the starry banner.
But the adventure is not over yet for the young fellow of the Taiwanese government who will have to use his remarkable talent to completely bury the season of Axiu in the annals of the past and take definitively the controls of the show, for the enjoyment of amateurs good music, Taiwanese fanatics and the Haitian public in general. He has a final face-to-face next weekend, hoping to win the competition and pocket the check for 10,000 Taiwan dollars.
Rendezvous next week for the “final season” of this musical throne game.

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Post source : Le Nouvelliste

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Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.