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NYPD arrest man involved in fatal parking spot brawl

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ELMONT, New York, USA ( – The NYPD arrested Djems Jean-Paul, 41, on Monday after he allegedly stabbed two brothers during a parking spot spat in Brooklyn — killing one and wounding the other. He was arrested at the Kennedy Airport ticket counter as he tried to slip out of the country and return to his native Haiti.

NYPD homicide detectives caught Jean-Paul and are charging him for the stabbing of 23-year-old Omri Dahan to death and wounding 29-year-old Ayal Dahan Sunday night during the parking space battle next door to their home in a row of attached brick houses on E. 73rd St. near Avenue M in Georgetown.

The fight started when Ayal Dahan, 29, arrived home in his car and found the driveway blocked, sources said.

“What happened was, the Jewish (man) came home, the Haitian guy’s car was double-parked in front of his driveway,” said Ricky Zawacki, 28, who lives across the street.

He honked his horn, and Jean-Paul, who was visiting a house on the block, came out, sources said.

“The guy was beeping for 10 minutes straight and they were ignoring him,” Zawaki said. “As soon as the guy came down to move the car, the Jewish kid got out of the car and started yelling at the man, saying, ‘Move your effing car.’”

The two men argued, and Jean-Paul slammed his fist into Dahan.

“They started fighting, physically,” Zawaki said. “Then another Haitian man had come out of the house to help the man that was being attacked or whatever.”

A friend of Jean-Paul’s tried to break up the fight, sources said.

Dahan ran inside to get his brother Omri Dahan, 23. The younger man came out and the confrontation spiraled further out of control.

“After that, the Jewish kid (Ayal) went back into his house and he went to wake up his little brother (Omri) to come help him, and as he was coming out with his little brother.”

Ayal Dahan emerged wielding a child gate and used it to whack Jean-Paul on the head, Zawacki said.

Someone then threw a glass bottle from above at Ayal Dahan.

Jean-Paul then went to his car, grabbed a knife and stabbed Omri Dahan in the chest and Ayal Dahan in an arm, officials said.

“There was a lot of blood on the sidewalk. It was crazy, it was horrible,” Zawacki said.

“It never should have gone down like that. It’s just horrible … I thought it was just gonna be a little scuffle and that would have been it.”

A 27-year-old cousin of the victims, who identified himself as Mike and lives across the street, described the desperate moments after the stabbings.

“My father was there. He tried saving him, he tried blocking the blood, coming out the heart like a sewer,” he said. “He tried slapping him to keep him awake. They tried stopping the blood, my father. His mother ran out, his mother held him for those few seconds that he had left.”

Omri Dahan died at Beth Israel Hospital just before 12:30 a.m. Medics took his brother to the same hospital, where he was in stable condition.

Jean-Paul drove off in a gray Volkswagen Passat with Taxi and Limousine Commission plates, before he was captured early Monday, cops said.

Jean-Paul’s friend, who had tried to intervene in the fight, stayed at the scene and is not expected to be charged.

Omri Dahan’s funeral was slated for later Monday in Brooklyn, before his body is flown to Israel for burial.

Ayal Dahan’s cousin said he is beside himself with guilt.

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Post source : NY Daily News

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