Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Presidential Ally, Mayor of Les Cayes, Calls for Death of Journalist

Samuel Maxime


AUX CAYES, Sud, HT ( – “In any serious country, the secret service, without receiving instructions, would kill this journalist… I say that he deserves death because the wages of sin are death. I repeat, this gentleman deserves death,” said the Mayor of Aux Cayes, Gabriel Fortuné, speaking of journalist Jean Nazaire Jeanty, of Radio Lebon FM and Caraibes FM.

On August 2nd, the journalist wrote an article about the Jelly Festival, where he reported the facts that the beach was dirty and gave off bad smells. And even if the mayor acknowledges that there is a lot of seaweed on the beach, he continues to think that the journalist should be “killed” for “lying” and he accuses him of having received money to destroy the Jelly Festival.

Jean Gabriel Fortuné, ex-deputy, ex-senator, former departmental delegate under former President Michel Martelly and political ally of current President Jovenel Moise, is not disheartened by the fact that what he said might be perceived as threats: “Take it as you like. You have the right to take it as you like… this is not the first time that Nazaire has been wandering,” he said. “If something happens to the journalist, I will be called to justice and I will answer,” he replied.

Journalist Jean Nazaire Jeanty said he did not ignore the threats of Jean Gabriel Fortune against his person: “I have already filed a complaint with the Aux Cayes prosecutor’s office for the threats. But in relation to Gabriel Fortuné’s defamation, I am obliged to sue Gabriel Fortune for defamation.” Mr. Jeanty adds: “He chose to attack me because he does not like the work I do. My work disturbs those who do bad things in the department, in the city.”

In addition, the General Secretary of the Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH) told a newspaper: “We are asking the minister responsible for Gabriel Fortuné, the Minister of the Interior, to intervene on this issue directly in relation to the statements made by the mayor. Justice must do its job in this matter… the life of the journalist is under the responsibility of this mayor.” And in relation to the accusations of corruptions, he affirms: “Gabriel Fortuné must prove before justice where the journalist received the money and prove for which sector he works.”

“Life is sacred” according to seasoned journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul. The mayor of Les Cayes, former defender of democracy, has changed sides for her. In no case should the journalist deserve death, according to Pierre-Paul.

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Post source : Loop Haiti

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Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.