Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Support sought for mother of TPS beneficiary who committed suicide

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Haiti Sentinel

NEW YORK, New York, USA (sentinel.ht) – Brooklyn County Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene says he is seeking support for the mother of a Haitian Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiary who took his own life on June 11.

Eugene, who represents the 40th Council District in Brooklyn, said the unidentified mother, a disabled woman who is raising three children, “recently lost her son to suicide triggered in part by financial hardship that is expected to worsen with the end of TPS.

“Her son, who could not afford to attend his high school graduation and could not pay for TPS, pursued a number of employment opportunities to assist his family,” said Eugene, the first Haitian to be elected to New York City Council. “In the end, however, the emotional toll of being a financial burden to his parents was too much for him to handle.

“Now, with her oldest daughter facing the same uncertain future as her son, the grieving mother is struggling to provide for her family in what has become an increasingly perilous living situation,” added Eugene, whose district comprises a large concentration of Haitian immigrants.”

Earlier this month, Eugene said the mother attended one of his TPS clinics in Brooklyn, “where she received assistance with her renewal of TPS, including a registration fee waiver due to the family’s recent hardship.”

In addition, Eugene said he contacted local medical professionals to provide the family with grief counseling, and is now working in setting up resources in the community to “help the mother and her family gain financial stability.

“Her ordeal has brought to light the stark reality that many families face given the uncertainty of TPS,” he said. “A mother, who has worked hard to raise her family in the United States, must now deal with the horrific loss of her son.

“He was a source of strength in their lives – a brother and a son who had a promising future, and now he’s gone, all because of financial distress,” he said, calling on the community to “come together in support of the family, as they seek gestures of goodwill and compassion.”

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