Monday, August 20, 2018
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UN Assembly adopts $40M resolution for cholera victims

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Haiti Sentinel

NEW YORK, New York, USA ( – The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution to transfer $40.5 million [USD] left over from the original peacekeeping mission, MINUSTAH, to help victims of the cholera outbreak.

The resolution recognized that the U.N. has “a moral responsibility to the victims of the cholera epidemic in Haiti and to their families” after years of denying responsibility, even in the face of various research and investigations.

The resolution is said to be aimed at reducing the incidence of cholera by improving Haiti’s water, sanitation and health systems, improving access to care and treatment, and supporting victims and their families through their communities.

The U.N. had hoped to raise $400 million to provide aid to afflicted communities and to help eradicate the disease, but only $2.67 million had been contributed to a trust fund by late May. Haitian officials believe an eradication initiative would total north of $3 billion [USD].

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Post source : News Observer

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