Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Pierre Garçon says being frustrated is just part of the process

Andrice Maxime

Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA ( – San Francisco 49ers’s wide receiver Pierre Garcon was frustrated by the practice but says it just part of the off-season. It is common for the team defense to dominate during this time of the year where its weighted towards the success of the defense , especially if a team has a new quarterback or offense scheme.

Garcon says “its coming along.”Being familiar with head coach and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan ‘s mentoring role on the offense along with quarterback Brian Hoyer who also knows the scheme. At times the defense didn’t even have to break up the play, as it seemed the receivers and quarterbacks weren’t always on the same page resulting to two interceptions, five “sacks” and several PBU’s.
Garcon expressed his feelings about what stands out about what the defense is doing ” Apparently we cant run the ball or the ball against our defense so everything is standing out. They are doing a good with that front seven. It’s frustrating but its part of the off-season. things that you have to go through. The defense has to work on stuff , offense has to work on stuff…. its very frustrating but its part of the game. You just have to keep moving forward”

One element of the offense absent from open media practices has been the deep ball. Garcon states Joyer has aired it out, but then added the he’s over thrown guys in practice including guys who are speed demons. With Garcon frustration he is positive working with Goodwin and the entire receiving room to help him get better acquainted with the playbook.

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