Monday, August 20, 2018
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Poor sharing of “the cake” aborts ratification of Prime Minister

Samuel Maxime


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The ratification session for the designated Prime Minister Dr. Jack Guy Lafontant was aborted and postponed indefinitely late Monday afternoon at 6 p.m., seven hours after it was originally scheduled to be held, 11 a.m..

It came to past that four senators, members of the administration’s party, the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK), left the hall, causing the quorum to be lost. According to sources, these senators found colleagues who were not satisfied at how “the cake” – cabinet positions to family and friends of parliamentarians – were being doled out.

These are indeed, 4 senators PHTK bloc and allies Dieupy Cherubin and Carl Murat Cantave KID and Nawoon Marcellus and Ralph Fethiere who took the responsibility of reversing the quorum. And the meeting was adjourned without fixing a new date

Senator Joseph Lambert (Sud-Est/PHTK), a member of PHTK whose political cunning rivals the most corrupt in Haiti, said the four senators were engaging in a strategy to prevent the rejection of Prime Minister Lafontant. Mr. Lambert who served as an adviser to former President Michel Martelly, said Dr. Lafontant would have only obtained 12 votes if the session had been held and the vote had taken place. This would have been below the majority and would have required a new PM to be designated.

The discussions have stalled on the formation of government, say other sources. The most disgruntled are members of parliament that are part of the majority Tet Kale coalition. The are “calling for a better sharing of the cake”, one lawmaker, unnamed, was quoted as saying on Haitian radio.

Haitian Press Agency (AHP) is reporting from its sources that there are senators and deputies demanding “money, houses, ministerial posts, branches, the Secretariat of State, autonomous bodies of directions, departmental offices, departmental delegations…. there are also those who continue to claim their own Prime Minister that they have lucrative contracts to tax exemptions and other privileges after funding the campaign of the head of state to the tune of more than 40 million HTG ($630,000 USD).” According to the AHP source “there would be a strategy to defeat Jack Guy Lafontant and require the appointment of a prime minister from the country’s financial sector.”

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Post source : AHP

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Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.