Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Former Dominican President saddened by death of Rene Preval

Samuel Maxime


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic ( – Former Dominican President Leonel Fernandez lamented the death of former Haitian President René Préval on Friday saying the former Haitian president’s departure is a significant loss not only for the neighboring country, but for the entire region.

President Fernandez said that the former Haitian ex-president was a man who made significant contributions to the development and strengthening of democracy and that he cultivated a cordial treatment with neighboring countries.

Fernandez sent a letter of condolence to the Haitian authorities and people, through Idalbert Pierre-Jean, the Haitian Ambassador to Santo Domingo.

He defined Préval as his beloved friend, a man of peace and of very affable treatment, “with whom I came to cultivate a great personal friendship.”

He pointed out that for things destiny, on two different occasions and decades, Preval and he agreed as rulers, respectively, of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

He recalled that, at the time when both were leading the destinies of the two nations, there was a bond of friendship and harmony as had not been known before in the history of relations between the countries that make up the island.

“I convey to the Haitian government, the relatives of the former president, his collaborators and the Haitian people in general our deepest condolences to this irreparable loss,” Fernández said.

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Post source : ElCaribe

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