Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Supporters Urge Moïse Jean-Charles to Continue Fight in Senate

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Admirers of the fight for dignity waged by former presidential candidate, Jean-Charles Moïse, have likened him to a “national hero” despite his loss in the 2016 elections. In an open letter from a law student and supporter, it was written that Mr. Moïse has begun to resurrect the ideals of Jean-Jacques Dessalines and that being a “constructive opposition” voice in the Senate of the Republic is where the youth of Haiti await him.

The three-time Mayor of Milot, former Senator of the North and presidential adviser, will likely make a bid to return to the Senate in the next elections slated for the Fall of 2018. Pitit Dessalines continues to not recognize the results of the election and Victor N. Maignan, who penned the open letter, understands this but reminded that the war against the establishment is not lost in one battle.

Open Letter To Senator Moïse Jean-Charles (translated from French)

Senator Moise Jean-Charles
Your life is that of a hero. You served the Haitian nation with bravery and generosity for more than two decades, with three terms as mayor of Milot and a term as senator. What politician in the world could play his cards to do this?

You were also adviser to a president.

If some supporters [of other candidates] are blinded by their egocentricity and their moral deviance have judged your position of being anti-Martelly as frustrating and desperate, the majority of young people advised of the country have believed that you led an anti-establishment battle that was worth it. Your honesty your dignity your patriotic sense is that of the name of the great that history will never forget their names and nobody can judge you.

The time has come for you to reflect on your candidacy to the highest office of the state, to that effect you led a campaign not outstanding in terms of marketing, but in terms of dignity.

You’ve never used the misery and the stagnation of the people to boost your campaign.

Through your speech, the man of the middle class and that of the mass could have dreamed of hope.

But unfortunately they were insufficient to grant you a manifest uncontested victory. Maybe they have not yet become aware of the reality or maybe they were stormed by birds of prey who offered a thousand gourds for 5 years of pink misery.

Today Senator you must note that money and lies have triumphed, as always. Soon you’ll have reason, all the republic will understand your struggle in a time very close. You don’t have to pay tribute to the victory of Jovenel, symbolizing corruption the disorder and continuous misery. You can only note it and resume the reins at the right time, in a constructive opposition.

This Council was not the best. This letter I know you probably won’t read it, but its message you will have to have heard of it.

You’re a hero that history will never forget, your name, Moise Jean-Charles, history will remember you as the man who rewrote the name of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the man who has realized the concept of freedom in the world, never forget that.

The country is waiting for you, the youth is waiting for you, at the next elections, but this time stronger and more experienced.

You lost a battle but not the war because the war can only be won by warriors and in this race, you’re the only one warrior.

Go home, the Senate of the Republic will call you soon to continue to speak for her.

Don’t consider this letter as a directive, even less like an order, but consider it like a letter of your greatness from one of your greatest admirers.

Victor N Maignan
Law and Journalism Student
47595164 [email protected]

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