Monday, September 24, 2018
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Sara Suten Seti enraged that Blacks spent $500M on Christmas

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Haiti Sentinel

DETROIT, Michigan, USA ( – Black Liberation Leader, Sara Suten Seti, became unhinged Monday evening upon reflection of the some half-billion dollars that African-Americans spent for the Christmas holiday. Seti, a proponent for the doctrines of Marcus Garvey, believes the near trillion dollars annually spent by the Black community would be better investing and settling in African countries, including Haiti, than in enriching “white-owned” corporate America, which for him, aims to keep Blacks in a permanent under-class.

Seti, who goes by the title of general, was speaking during a live broadcast on his YouTube channel that was primarily focused on dissension which erupted within the Conscious Community towards the end of 2016. General Seti has objected to the efforts of his peers to bring the movement into more synergy. His position is that other leaders, unnamed but likely, Dr. Umar Johnson, are not in the same “lane” as himself, do not share in his ideals, perhaps intensity, and therefore cannot share in the struggle.

It was during the broadcast that General Seti expressed disgust that his peers would not speak on the spending power of the Black community and aiming it towards a more true Pan-African agenda which includes the settlement and investment in Black nations. He said aims to reform the “white man’s education system” and economy are futile.

Sara Suten Seti urged the Black community in 2010, in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, to purchase property in the earthquake hit areas. For him, there was a threat of foreign European, Anglo-Saxon interest in “owning the whole G** d*** island”. The 2010 video became well circulated among the Haitian-American community. For many, it was the first time anyone, Haitian or non-Haitian, had spoken so strongly of the plight of the Haitian people; setting Seti apart in his diversity of scholarship among Black leaders.

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