Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Glenn Beck moved by plight of Haiti’s child-trafficking victims

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Haiti Sentinel

DALLAS, Texas, USA ( – Conservative radio host Glenn Beck traveled to Haiti with an organization he has partnered with, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that aims to stop human trafficking and put an end to child slavery. He and the group brought Christmas presents to the children rescued by the organization and has been sharing his moving experience of hope.

The organization that staffs a number of retired military arrests criminals, frees children, but the take for Mr. Beck is the hope that it gives for their future. He and others traveled to the country to celebrate Christmas with the children, bringing hundreds of Christmas gifts for the group of 121 children. They were grateful to receive not only gifts, but affection and kindness, we learn from an article in The Blaze.

Mr. Beck intends to tell more about his work and support of OUR and their work in 2017. He wrote on his website:

The full experience of this trip to Haiti and what it meant to me, how it changed me and what I am planning on doing, I will share with you after the first of the year. We will not only arrest some of the most evil men and women on the planet today, free children from a life of hell, bring needed attention to the fact that there are more slaves on the planet today that at any other time in human history, but I believe we just may save ourselves and our world.

Mr. Beck was the target of criticism among Haitian-Americans in 2010 for repeating the false claim that Haiti had made a pact with the devil for its freedom from slavery. He has since helped raise the first $1.5 million for O.U.R., allowing the organization’s founder Tim Ballard to transition from special agent for Homeland Security involved in sex trafficking operations to non-profit CEO rescuing women and children victims to sex trafficking. He says now “Tania (his wife) and I will be praying hard for these children and for answers on how we can best serve.”

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