Monday, August 20, 2018
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France to Welcome 100 Haitian Masters Scholarship Students

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Haiti Sentinel

PARIS, France ( – 100 Haitian students, annually, will be welcomed to study at universities and colleges in France, as per an agreement signed between the President of the French National Assembly and the President of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, on Wednesday.

The agreement included the signatures of Haitian Deputy Jerry Tardieu (Petion-Ville/Verite) who addressed the French National Assembly on the occasion and the President of the Haiti-France Group, Matthew Hanotin. The awards will begin for the September, Fall 2017 semester. The program is being funded by the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH).

“We have entered a new world where cooperation should be oriented more than ever to the future… to future generations, not to have a beautiful car that will be the most important, but education, housing, health…”, said French National Assembly President, Claude Bartolone.

“At the BRH, we have a culture of excellence and also have this practice to help young Haitians become informed intellectuals who can reflect on the serious problems of the country,” said BRH President, Jean Dubois Baden.

“The granting of these scholarships will be done on the basis of merit” said Ronald Gabriel, a BRH Board Member.

The opening of applications for the scholarships should commence in January 2017 and could be first processed by the Embassy of France in Haiti through its French Campus in Port-au-Prince.

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Post source : Haiti Libre, Le Nouvelliste

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