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Deer Hunting
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Hunting is one of the major causes of extinction. An important step to protect wildlife is fighting against hunting. In many countries for example, deer hunting is illegal.
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One of the greatest threats to grizzly bears is habitat loss. We should protect their habitat by reducing waste, ending plastic pollutions, using non-toxic products, etc.
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Global climate change drastically affects desert climate. It results the deserts and other extremely hot and dry climates unbearable to some animals. This can be a major threat to wildlife.

Electoral Disputes Transferred to Council for Competence

Samuel Maxime


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The tribunal hearing the disputes of three candidates for president ruled its proceedings a mistrial determining it did not have the competence to adjudicate the case. The pleadings of candidates Jude Celestin, Jean-Charles Moise and Maryse Narcisse were transferred to the National Bureau of Electoral Disputes (BCEN) presided by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

The attorneys for the candidates’ parties, LAPEH, Pitit Dessalines and Fanmi Lavalas, each brought up disputes that required a national audit of the November 20, 2016 election results. Having heard the cases on Wednesday, December 7, and deliberating over the correct course of action all of Thursday, the tribunal, at the Departmental Bureau of Electoral Disputes (BCED), referred the case to the BCEN on Friday.

The BCED court had already been marred by scandal during the selection process of the three judges. The departmental office had presented three justices with no verification for the parties involved that the judges were chosen randomly and from a list provided by the Port-au-Prince Bar and the Dean of Magistrates. The BCED retracted that tribunal and instituted a new one, with one of the same judges from the prior tribunal.

The BCEN will have the power to allow for an audit of the election results.

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