Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Photo Credit To Adrienne Grunwald

Rue 107’s Marie Jean-Baptiste says fashion is how you carry yourself

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NEW YORK CITY, New York, USA ( – Marie Jean-Baptiste is the founder of the New York-based women’s fashion label Rue 107, and an in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, talked about how a humble black leather handbag, moreover her mother’s sense of fashion, inspired her.

“My mother is a very feminine woman who wore heels and lipstick every day,” she said. She has as a central memory of being at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince when her family was granted visas, that her mom carried a black leather handbag that kept all her family’s documents.

The bag, whose handle is broken, bears the interlocking Cs that are a trademark of Chanel. Ms. Jean-Baptiste didn’t recognize the logo of the French fashion house at first, and her mother can’t remember where she got it from. She hasn’t bothered to authenticate the bag.

Rue 107 is a five year old company that is making a statement that Ms. Jean-Baptiste says she was not conscious of at first. It’s a label that sells apparel that begin at size 2 and go all the way to size 24.

She told WSJ that “in Haiti, being super thin is not necessarily considered gorgeous… unlike in the U.S. or Europe, it’s more about how you carry yourself and how you speak.” Read the full article.

Ms. Jean-Baptiste holds her mother’s handbag, which was used to store family passports and visa documents before they immigrated to the U.S. PHOTO: ADRIENNE GRUNWALD FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
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Post source : Wall Street Journal

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