Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Trump says he will not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton

Samuel Maxime


WASHINGTON, D.C. ( – President-elect Donald Trump is back-pedaling, saying Tuesday that he won’t recommend prosecution of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump said that Clinton had “suffered greatly.”

Trump Rumored to Drop Plans of Clinton Investigation

It is a major departure from his campaign rhetoric. “Lock her up!” was a popular chant throughout the presidential campaign and Mr. Trump even said he would appoint a special prosecutor when elected to look into the Clintons’ affairs. “You’d be in jail,” he told Clinton during a presidential debate.

Today, Donald Trump is saying this is “just not something I feel very strongly about.” The quotes come from the tweets of New York Times reporters Mike Grynbaum and Maggie Haberman, who attended a meeting between the President-elect and reporters and editors at the paper.

“My inclination would be for whatever power I have on the matter is to say let’s go forward.This has been looked at for so long, ad nauseum,” he told the Times and said he believes his supporters won’t be bothered by the change of heart.

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