Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Death toll rises to 15 after heavy rain in North Haiti

Staff Writer

Haiti Sentinel

The death toll following heavy rains and flooding across northern Haiti rose to 15 on Thursday with 11 of those registered in the country’s second largest city, Cap-Haitien.

On Tuesday, authorities said 10 had died and 3 were missing but unsubstantiated reports said several more had died. By Thursday the death toll was taken up to 15 and the missing persons were 10.

More than 600 homes were damaged and thousands of people placed in shelters.

The most heart wrenching tragedy was an entire a family, a woman and her three children, that died in the floods.

Several other people have been forced to use canoes to leave their homes, some claim to have lost everything.

Many plantations were flooded and several animals washed away.

The trade work in the departments of Nord-Ouest, Nord and Nord-Est remain idle.

Schools could not open their doors that will remain closed until Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of National Education.

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