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At least 10 dead in heavy rains, flooding in Northern Haiti

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Haiti Sentinel

CAP-HAITIEN, Nord, HT ( – A night of heavy rain has brought new tragedy, now to northern Haiti. Officials released a provisional death toll of 10 dead, 3 missing and are following up on accounts of several other missing and dead.

Cap-Haitien, Sunday, November 6, 2016
Cap-Haitien, Sunday, November 6, 2016

The country’s second largest city, Cap-Haitien, is completely flooded, as well, there is severe flooding across 15 municipalities of the departments of Nord, Nord-Est and Nord-Ouest.

The National Meteorological Center announced that the North should continue to expect more rain through the week.

The rains came over night Saturday and early Sunday. Rivers swelled and much of the terrain slid. The provisional toll is 10 dead for four affected departments (3 women, 4 men and 3 children from the same family, including a young girl), 3 wounded, including two children, disappeared Jan. 1 (man adult).

Some places in the city have seen the water level rise above on meter (3 feet 3 inches). Debris and high water has prevented authorities from reaching certain areas.

Cap-Haitien, Sunday, November 6, 2016
Cap-Haitien, Sunday, November 6, 2016

Four deaths in one family were registered in the area of Charier: a boy aged one year and a half, two girls between eight and twelve years old, and their mother died after being taken to hospital. According to the Departmental Delegate, Hebert Polycarpe, the family’s home collapsed.

Two more dead bodies were discovered in the town of Cormier near a beach. According Polycarpe, both men died after being engulfed by a landslide.

A reporter from Le Nouvelliste, Gérard Maxineau, is reporting several deaths in Bas Aviation and Forcette. “Local residents said they also recorded several deaths me without giving numbers.”

Maxineau said those residents took the opportunity to criticize the authorities, since the floods Saturday, they say no one has come to assist them. Read more.

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