Monday, June 25, 2018
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Trump: “Haitian community has contributed so much to this country”

Samuel Maxime


PANAMA CITY, Florida, US ( – In a speech delivered to a sea of people that stretched as far as the eye could see, Donald J. Trump told voters in Panama City, Florida that “the Haitian community has contributed so much to our country.”

The Republican candidate for president did not give examples, for example the Haitians who fought with the colonies in the Revolutionary War in Savannah, but he did say that they were incredible people. He said:

“During my recent trip to Florida. I had a chance to spend some time with the incredible residents of Little Haiti. The Haitian community has contributed so much to this country and to this state. I also learned from them first hand how much they despise the Clintons for what they did to the people of Haiti.”

Then, Mr. Trump told the crowd about an ABC News report released that day that found that after the 2010 earthquake, the State Department, then under the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, provided special consideration for Haiti reconstruction contracts to “FOB” (friends of Bill Clinton) or “WJC VIPs” (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).

ABC News: Clinton Pay for Play in Haiti

The article published Tuesday reads:

“Need you to flag when people are friends of WJC,” wrote Caitlin Klevorick, then a senior State Department official who was juggling incoming offers of assistance being funneled to the State Department by the Clinton Foundation. “Most I can probably ID but not all.”

“Is this a FOB!” Klevorick writes later, when a Clinton Foundation aide forwards a woman’s offer of medical supplies. “If not, she should go to,” she adds, directing the person deemed not to be a Clinton friend to a general government website.

Klevorick and Amitabh Desai, the director of foreign policy for the Clinton Foundation, exchanged dozens of emails, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Republican National Committee and then shared with ABC News. ABC News independently authenticated the emails.

The new emails have surfaced as the Clinton Foundation has once again mobilized a response to the latest humanitarian crisis in Haiti — the death and destruction following Hurricane Matthew. That effort is part of an ongoing commitment by the Clintons to help the Haitian people dating back nearly a decade.

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Post source : ABC News

About The Author

Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.