Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Hurricane Matthew: Michaëlle Jean appeals for Francophonie solidarity

Staff Writer

Haiti Sentinel

PARIS, France ( – The former Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, in a statement issued Wednesday, expressed the solidarity of francophone nations with the Haitian people. Jean, who is serving as the Secretary General of the Francophonie, appealed to member states to mobilize and assist in any way they can following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

The statement reads:

On behalf of the Francophonie, and on my own behalf, I wish to express my solidarity to the people of Haiti and particularly to all those and all those who suffered tragic losses. My thoughts are with the bereaved families, my deepest condolences. Again, these are schools, hospitals, civilian infrastructure of the country as a whole have been undermined. This tragedy only reveals our vulnerability and our fragility, particularly those of Haiti, to climate hazards.

I greet the prevention and awareness measures taken by the Haitian authorities. I know them determined to do everything possible, and with the support of the population, to overcome this new challenge that comes at a crucial moment in the country’s political life. La Francophonie remains alongside the Haitian nation in these difficult times.

In response to this emergency, I encourage the member states and governments of La Francophonie to mobilize, in the spirit of solidarity that we, for the affected Haitian population in the cities and the countryside. Our efforts, which will combine to those of the whole international community, particularly need to focus on the health front, so that the difficult situation that will prevail in the coming weeks favors the dreaded outbreak of the cholera epidemic.

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