Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Meteorologist forced to apologize after ‘Haitian kids eat trees’ comment

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ATLANTA, Georgia, US ( – Weather Channel Meteorologist Jen Delgado was forced to issue an on-air apology after asserting, during a forecast on Hurricane Matthew, Monday, that Haiti was deforested partly because hungry children eat trees.

While reporting on Hurricane Matthew on Monday, Delgado noted that Haiti faced additional risk because the country had fewer trees than the Dominican Republic.

“That’s because this whole area has been essentially deforested,” she explained. “They take all the trees down, the burn the trees. Even the kids there, they’re so hungry, they actually eat the trees.”

Delgado quickly felt the backlash from viewers who took to Twitter, including former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

Some of Twitter’s responses to Delgado’s comment

Weather Channel CEO David Clark apologized after being contacted by viewer Phedra Remarais.

“We are terribly sorry for an on air error and are taking measures to correct it,” Clark wrote. “It should not have happened period.”

Eventually, Delgado would issue an apology on her Facebook page, which was lambasted by hundreds of hostile comments, and on-air.

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