Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Justice Minister denounces campaign against his reputation

Valéry Bennett

National Palace Correspondent

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – On Monday, Justice Minister Camille Edouard Jr. pushed back attacks on his reputation that have been dogging him for a week since his decision to transfer Port-au-Prince district attorney, Jean Danton Leger, a day after the prosecutor banned MassiMadi, a gay pride festival, and threatened to arrest participants.

Minister Edouard has, himself, been accused of being homosexual or a sympathizer of the lifestyle while Haiti is immensely hostile to it. In the note, it is said that he has experienced threats and other acts of hostility against even his family.

“The Ministry of Justice and Public Safety denounces misinformation intentionally by some, to guide public opinion in the direction of their own interests,” reads the note from the communications office of the ministry. The note reiterates its earlier explanation that a set of “administrative” measures were adopted for the aim to “ensure and preserve neutrality, professionalism and impartiality of government commissioners close to the trial courts of different jurisdictions.”

Indeed, it was more than Commissioner Leger who was transferred but several during the course of a few days. Among the transfers were commissioners in Petit-Goâve, Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Cap-Haitien. The ministry says it was “strictly greater interest of the nation and a better image of justice, that other administrative measures of these kind will follow.”

The press note:

I invite everyone to be careful.

Since last week evil people concoct false information knowingly organize smear campaigns are questionable and dangerous amalgams in order to attempt, if possible, people’s reputations, institutions and authorities square.

I was recently the victim of this vast country so calamitous that slanderous, while I was on an official visit to represent the government at the first Ministerial Conference on the Right to Identity in the United States of Mexico.

Just knowing the seriousness of the remarks made against me, the suffering of my family and reserving the right time to bring elements of explanation and clarification, I invite everyone to show restraint, to honesty and enjoy remember that nobody has the right to tarnish the image, reputation, honor and credibility of someone just trying to establish his continuing ambitions and political agendas.

After all, in these difficult times, where family or friends, we await the passage of Hurricane Matthew, I invite you to meditation, prayer and especially to take advantage of you gather.

Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ saves us from the cup …

Never mind, we in government with our meager resources, we will take our responsibilities.

Camille Edouard Junior
Minister of Justice and Public Security.

Port au Prince,
October 03, 2016.

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About The Author

Valéry Bennett is a graduate student of Digital Publishing at ESCP, Paris. He is of Haitian descent and participates in the biennial mission trip with his church.