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10 Senators call for Justice Minister to return Danton Leger

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The decision to transfer Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger out of Port-au-Prince to Jacmel, days after abruptly cancelling a gay pride festival called MassiMadi has been met with dissatisfaction from diverse sectors, including 10 members of the Senate and others who have called for the Justice Minister to return on his decision or deliver his resignation.

Senate letter to MJSP
Letter from 10 Senators to Justice Minister, Camille Edouard Jr, on transfer of Gov’t Commissioner Jean Danton Leger. September 28, 2016

The multi-partisan group of senators wrote a letter calling for the Minister of Justice, Camille Edouard Jr, to return on the decision to transfer Commissioner Leger from Port-au-Prince.

Minister Edouard has tried to explain the decision to transfer Leger was due to insubordination on matters not dealing with ban of the LGBT festival, MassiMadi. None the less, the lawmakers invited the minister to a hearing to further explain.

The note signed by the 12 senators:

Senators signatories to this learned with amazement and dismay the decision of the minister of justice sanctioning and transferring the government commissioner Jean Danton Léger jurisdiction of Jacmel that, in a particular situation calling everyone has work for the protection unconditional Haitian families in general and the youth of the country in particular; that measure was taken 24 hours after the adoption of an interim measure prohibiting Massimadi festival taken by the prosecutor of Port au Prince.

As the undersigned they maintain their full support to the Commissioner Danton Léger and asked the Minister of Justice to review its decision and ordered it suspended in the best interests of the nation.

In the Senate of the Republic this Wednesday, September 28, 2016

  • Youri Latortue
  • Carl Murat Cantave
  • Pierre Ricard
  • Antonio Cheramy
  • Onondieu Louis
  • Junior Jean Marie Solomon
  • Dieupie Cherub
  • Jean Renel Senatus
  • Francenert Denius
  • Ronald Larèche
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