Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Saint Marc Customs intercepts 2nd arms shipment of September


Haiti Beat Writer

SAINT MARC, Artibonite, HT ( – On Monday, customs officers at the Port of Saint Marc intercepted a new shipment of long rifles and shotguns illegally entering the country; the second in as many weeks.

The shipment included 4 assault rifles, a pistol and three 12-gauge shotguns. A customs agent found the arms in a container and they are now in the possession of judicial authorities.

The information was confirmed by the Secretary of State for Public Security, former Colonel, Himmler Rebu. “Yes, we found a second cargo in the same place,” he told Le Nouvelliste.

The former senior officer of the Haitian Armed Forces (FADH) said he would share more information the seizure which is coming within a month of a larger seizure in the same port. Himmler Rébu also promised to divulge information on that first shipment from September 8.

Police do not know. Contacted by Le Nouvelliste, the deputy spokesman of the National Police of Haiti did not know much about the information that circulates though since mid-day on social networks. Gary Desrosiers was not able to provide details on the facts.

This is the second seizure of weapons carried by customs since the beginning of September. On September 8, a search of a truck full of used objects from Miami allowed the authorities to find a large quantity of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment to the parking lot of the customs of St. MarC.

The minutes of observation made by Justice had reported the seizure of 150 caliber rifles 12 9 12-bore shotgun double-barreled, 5 rifles M 4, 15 pairs of handcuffs, 10 pairs of boots, 50 boxes of 50 units caliber cartridges 38, 4 cases of 1,000 cartridges units 9 mm, 10 boxes of 250 caliber cartridge units 12, 7 cases, 50 boxes of 50 cartridges 380 2 cans 250 cartridges 12, 7 chargers caliber 556 mm, 1 M14 charger 12 uniforms (blue pants, black shirt), 5 tactical vests, 1 Glock 9 mm pistol BCB2761 and charger are among the found.

Inspector Gary Derosier Monday, deputy spokesman of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) was not able to give more details on this new seizure.

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