Monday, September 24, 2018
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Jude Célestin pushes back on Aristide’s criticisms


Haiti Beat Writer

PETIT-GOAVE, Ouest, HT ( – Before a large and cheering crowd in Petit-Goave, presidential candidate, Jude Célestin, pushed back on the criticisms of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide who called Celestin a liar for making ambitious campaign promises.

The candidate for No. 31, the Alternative League for Progress and Emancipation of Haiti (LAPEH) told attendees at the rally that he is not the liar among the presidential candidates, never mentioning the former president. Celestin doubled down on his campaign pledge promising 40,000 jobs in his first year, 20,000 student scholarships and more opportunities for Haitian families.

Excerpt from Jude Célestin’s speech:

“…Petit-Goâve, I’m happy when I look to the right, I see many people, on the left and in the center is the same. Shout louder so that my old friend (Thimoléon)… go and relay to others what is happening here. That he also goes to tell them that the town of Petit-Goâve has its leader… Ki sa frize te fè pou koukou poul rele pitit li frizelia… Koukou gentan chwazi, li rele pitit li Germain Alexandre e lòt pitit se Jude célestin. Because Jude Célestin is not a liar.”

“…today, the population of Petit-Goâve clearly stated that it found its President. We are leading by one goal to nil against our competitors. We will mark our second goal on 9 October.”

“As we said in 2015, we will rebuild the road from the 9th communal section of Palmes of Petit-Goâve. We repeat it, we will not lie to the public or make false promises. We can never say to the people that we will offer a car for each person. Such a promise, we will not be able to respect it, but we will build the road of Ti Guinen and the Boulevard of the street républicaine from La Hatte until Acul of Petit-Goâve. We will also redevelop the Port of Petit-Goâve… The city will have a modern port. Because many foreign businessmen want to come and invest in Haiti.”

“Another said that it would provide 40,000 jobs in a year or 10,000 in 6 months. This is false, these leaders are liars. We, we are not lying. We must tell the truth. When telling the truth, we get peace.”

“We said it, we repeat it: we will lead an aggressive diplomatic policy, we will ask our friendly countries of scholarships for our youth in our mandate, we will provide 20,000 scholarships for our youth.”

“…we will create opportunities for all Haitians. We’ll run public services and we will give the public drinking water, roads, housing, education, employment. We will create hope in order that we will not lose our brothers who leave the country today. Under my presidency, Haitians will remain in Haiti…”

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Post source : HL/ HaitiLibre/ Guyto Mathieu (Correspondant Petit-Goâve)

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