Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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4th Graduation of PSCMO Military Engineers

Valéry Bennett

National Palace Correspondent

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – On Friday, the Obligatory Mixer Civic Service Program graduated its fourth class of military engineers at the Interamerican Defense College in Gressier.

PSCMO and Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles
PSCMO and Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles, September 23, 2016. Gressier, Haiti

Military engineers are trained in rapid responses to destroyed infrastructure or needed infrastructure, such as the building of bridges, roads or drainage canals in emergency situations.

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Enex Jean-Charles accompanied by the Director General of the Defense Ministry participated in the graduation ceremony.

These soldiers are technicians with engineering training and received their formation partly through Haiti’s partnership with Ecuador.

The 80 engineers received eight (8) rigorous weeks of training that aims to make them able to provide intensive and multifunctional responses to disaster and national security needs.

Their formation was completely financed by funds from the public treasury. Their facilities in Gressier was staffed with trainers, classrooms, dormitories, a modern gym, training facilities, infirmary, canteen and barracks.

Designed by the Constitution in Article 52.3, the PSCMO aims to regulate, through training and guidance, young people who want to get voluntarily, with loyalty and selflessness in the service of their country as agents of development.

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Post source : Ministere Defense

About The Author

Valéry Bennett is a graduate student of Digital Publishing at ESCP, Paris. He is of Haitian descent and participates in the biennial mission trip with his church.