Sunday, September 23, 2018
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CEP warns zero tolerance for election disruptors


Haiti Beat Writer

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced zero tolerance for violence, sabotage and disruptions by candidates, parties or their supporters in the 2016 elections.

In a warning statement, the CEP said following the incidents that occurred Friday in the Artibonite (Gonaïves) and in the North (Cap-Haitien) departments, parties, groups, candidates and supporters have the obligation imposed on them to conduct their campaign peacefully, with respect for the law.

“The Council, in no way, will tolerate disruptors, whether candidates or supporters of candidates, of political parties or groups can assault competitors or disrupt their public rally” read the statement issued by the CEP being presided by Leopold Berlanger.

And for the edification of the concerned, the statement included a reproduction, in full, of the provisions of Article 119 of the Electoral Decree of March 2, 2015, dealing with non-compliance with the rules of the electoral campaign:

In cases of flagrante delicto and recurrence, the Provisional Electoral Council can take all measures pursuant to this Decree, in order to:

  • a) Decide expeditious, on all cases of violence recorded;
  • b) Deregister of the list of approved candidates all those found guilty, subject to any legal action to bring by the damaged part;
  • c) Suspend of all electoral competitions for a period of up to five (5) years, parties or political groupings found guilty.”

In addition, the CEP called for law enforcement to ensure compliance by stakeholders of the measures adopted by the National Police of Haiti (PNH), for the peaceful conduct of the electoral campaign. “This statement serves as a warning,” it said.

Incidents of Gonaives and Cap-Haitien

Friday in Gonaives, the presence of Aristide created a great tension in the city, forcing the caravan of the candidate Maryse Narcisse to change its route to avoid the Raboteau neighborhood where demonstrators were preparing to welcome the former president violently. On the Avenue of Dattes, stone throwing on the back of the caravan of the candidate have been reported.

In Cap-Haitien, the campaign caravan was greeted by angry demonstrators, claiming to be supporters of Jean Charles Moïse, who led by their disruption, a delay of almost 3 hours in the public intervention of former President Aristide, after which he was victim of a discomfort…

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