Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Police arrest Ahmad Khan Rahami in connection to NYC bombing

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NEW YORK, New York, US ( – Police arrested Ahmad Khan Rahami, on Monday. The 28-year old Rahami was found after the owner of a bar in Linden discovered him sleeping in a hallway. Believing him to be a vagrant, he contacted police.

“At approximately 10:30 this morning, the owner of one of the establishments in town reported that there was an individual sleeping in his hallway,” Linden Mayor Derek Armstead said. “One of our police officers went to investigate, to wake him up, and realized that he was the suspect that has been sought in the other bombings that had occurred prior…He realized it was the suspect, and within moments, the suspect had fired on him. And thank God that he had his vest on. I think that saved his life.”

Two police officers in total hurt, but neither sustained life-threatening injuries.

“When the officer tried to rouse the man in the doorway, when the man picked up his head, he noticed that the man had a beard and he looked like the suspect being sought,” Linden police Captain James Sarnicki said. “So he told him to show (him) his hands, and the suspect had his hand on his side…he pulled out a handgun, and he fired a shot at the officer, striking him in his bullet-proof vest in his abdomen. At that point, the officer returned fire.”

Authorities say the suspect then took off down the street, firing indiscriminately until other officers arrived on scene and took him down.

Sources say that federal prosecutors have already drafted charges against Rahami, and they could be announced as early as Monday. It is unclear exactly what the charges would be, but sources say they are likely related to use of IEDs.

Late on Sunday night, the police stopped a car on the Belt Parkway near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and questioned five people, family members of Rahami.

Rahami is wanted for questioning in connection with an explosion that injured 29 on September 17, 2016 at approximately 8:30 p.m. in the vicinity of 135 West 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea district.

The FBI says Rahami’s last known address was in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where other explosive devices, five, were discovered Sunday night at the train station.

Hours after the bombs were discovered, federal agents and the police raided a home nearby early Monday morning as part of the sweeping search for the person or people responsible for Saturday night’s bombing in Manhattan.

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Post source : New York Times

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