Sunday, September 23, 2018
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U.S. Feds helping Haiti trace large weapons shipment

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The public has so far been met with silence from Haitian authorities since a large shipment of arms, ammo and tactical gear were intercepted at the port in Saint-Marc and on Wednesday, the Minister of the Interior defended the investigators’ posture.

The Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT), François Anick Joseph, justified the silence by arguing that government and police officials want to avoid hindering the ongoing police and judicial investigation. He did say that Haitian investigators are working with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on the case.

Minister Joseph said the U.S. agency is helping with forensic analysis of the weapons to determine their origin and circumstances of purchase. Preliminary findings show that the weapons were purchased from the manufacturer. The have also helped to identify the port from which the illegal weapons were shipped from. Sources told The Sentinel authorities have determined the shipment came from the United States but Minister Joseph gave no such indication during his press availability.

Investigators are searching for the cargo owner, whose name appears as Charles Durand. But Minister Joseph warned against any precipitation to connect the name with this case, saying they must be careful to homonyms.

In addition to a Charles Durand, police are looking for two other individuals, including a customs agent who gave the shipment a pass. These people are on the run, the minister said.

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