Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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More Join against Lifting Ban on Dominican Products into Haiti

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Another major organization joined in the calls to maintain the overland prohibition against 23 Dominican products into Haiti on Tuesday. Since the announcement that the ban would be lifted, organizations have expressed the displeasure, on Tuesday, it was the Association of Haitian Industries (ADIH).

“The ADIH regrets learning that after the visit of the new Dominican Foreign Minister, Miguel Maldonado Vargas, on August 30, that this restrictive measure of transport is about to be lifted, at the expense of domestic industries,” a statement released Tuesday said.

The ADIH continued by saying that its mission is to defend national production and generate jobs for Haitians, and therefore it constantly combats smuggling, which it described as “a real plague for the national economy”.

He recalled that on October 1, 2015, the Government of Haiti, according to the Haitian national producers, economic actors and relevant government agencies, imposed a ban on imports and road transport of 23 products Dominican Republic. In the same resolution total imports by sea or air of the same Dominican products, in order to maintain better customs and phytosanitary control it was authorized.

The ADIH announcement comes after the Economic Forum of the Private Sector and the December 4 Group expressed their displeasure with the plans to lift the ban.

For the Economic Forum, the league of Haitian businesspersons, it is purely business. “If this restriction is lifted, the domestic private sector can not face unfair competition that will sweep to Haiti and that will lead to the loss of jobs, income for lower taxes and the disappearance of domestic investors,” said the Forum’s leader in a statement.

For the December 4 Group, the ban is also an issue of pride. The group called for the boycott of all Dominican products until measures are taken in the Dominican Republic to treat Haitians and those descended from Haiti with improved civil rights.

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