Sunday, June 17, 2018
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4 Senators Fail National Assembly, Stop Vote on Paris Climate Change


Haiti Beat Writer

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The legislature failed to hold a National Assembly and ratify two international conventions on Monday, including the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, due to continuing protests by the minority in the Senate.

September 12: Four Senators cause National Assembly to Fail

The same group of senators caused the failure of the vote on the amendments to the Law Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing that threatens to end money transfer to Haiti in November.

Monday was the day of a session of the National Assembly to close the second regular session of the legislative year and ratify the two conventions. The session opened with a quorum of 18 of 30 senators and 73 of 119 deputies and looked as the votes would take place without a hitch.

An intervention by Deputy Caleb Desrameaux, which proposed to add to the agenda the status of interim President Jocelerme Privert caused a rain of motions and emotions many opposing the highly sensitive issued. Despite this turmoil, Ronald Larèche, the President of the Senate, managed to adopt the agenda without the addition of Deputy Desrameaux, and the matter was closed to try and resolve differences.

A few minutes later though, it was the acknowledgment of the failure to sit on the status of the current president that sent 4 senators of the minority to leave the session without a word. These are Carl Murat Cantave, Edwin Zenny, Onondieu Louis and Hervé Foucand.

The absence of the four senators brought the count to 13 of 30 thus reversing the quorum and causing the end of the National Assembly and the anger of Senate President Ronald Larèche for which, nothing political in the agenda justified the withdrawal of the 4 Senators.

“The quorum being reversed, we have no other choice then to adjourn the session,” said the Senate President who stressed that what happened is a very bad precedent for Parliament.

A view not shared by the opposition senators. According to sources close to these senators, they simply refused to endorse de facto president, by ratifying international instruments deposited by Jocelrme Privert, a citizen who is no longer constitutional President of Haiti since June 14.

The Deputy Gary Bodeau told reporters, understand the position of Senators that reversed the quorum. “The majority bloc in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate minority bloc were always consistent in their position. For us, there is no longer President at the National Palace since 14 June 2016.”

The deputies are on vacation and if there is no convocation to the extraordinary by the Executive the deputies have rendezvous for January 2017 for the opening of the second year of the 50th Legislature.

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Post source : TB/ PI/ HaitiLibre

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