Sunday, September 23, 2018
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How Hillary Clinton Undercut Women in Haiti Apparel Industry

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Here in the United States we’re fighting for a $15/hr minimum wage. Various factors (not the least of which being inflation) make it the lowest wage that could properly be called “livable” in today’s economic climate. We’re not outrageous for making this demand, either. The current one ($7.25/hr) is, quite literally, a starvation wage. People can barely live on that, let alone families. That amounts to $58/day — which, unless you forgo food at times, is impossible to live on with rent, bills, food, and transportation. But can you imagine living on just $3 a day? A few years ago, the US State Department — with the aid of corporate interests — determined that’s enough for the people of Haiti. – Peter Coffin

How Hillary Clinton Undercut Haitian Workers

Specifically, women in Haiti’s apparel manufacturing industry…

Back in 2011, leaked cables showed us that the US Embassy aided apparel giants Levi’s and Hanes in their fight against an increase in Haiti’s minimum wage. Now, in case you’re not aware, US Embassies are an arm of the State Department, which is led by the Secretary of State.

In this case, the Department of State’s intervention regarding the minimum wage caused it to land at only $0.31/hr instead of the $0.65/hr workers were fighting for. This is less than $3/day, instead of a target of around $5/day.

Who was the Secretary of State that presided over this? Well, let’s just say this person is pretty deeply involved in The Clinton Foundation. 93% of their charitable contributions during the year 2014 actually went into The Clinton Foundation — $3m of $3.2m specifically. Good thing, too, because the Clinton Foundation has done a lot of “engagement” in Haiti. Most specifically to what we are talking about today is a focus on “sustainable growth” in “apparel/manufacturing:”


So, the US embassy is working with corporate interests to keep the minimum wage in Haiti low. All US embassies, again, are arms of The Department of State and answer to the Secretary of State — who, if you haven’t figured by now, was Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has a “charitable organization” (independent, nonpartisan watchdog group Sunlight Foundation referred to it as a “slush fund”) involved in advocating “sustainable business practices” in the same place branches of government under her supervision are advocating low minimum wages in?

Does anyone see the massive conflict of interest there?

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