Monday, August 20, 2018
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Epidemic of juvenile delinquency, RNDDH calls Education Ministry to task

Valéry Bennett

National Palace Correspondent

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The leading human rights organization in Haiti made public a letter it sent to the Minister of Education drawing his attention to a problem of morality and juvenile delinquency permeating the Haitian education system.

The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) addressed Minister Jean Beauvois Dorsonne in its letter which included attachments of videos and images, pornographic in nature, of students in uniform. The RNDDH say the minister must begin by instilling honor in the uniform.

… Sir, RNDDH draw your attention to the fact than before, he was taught the children to respect the uniform which was a protective garment for the person wearing it. We also taught them to behave themselves and not to engage in activities that could embarrass their school, their parents, peers and teachers. But what formerly was not allowed outside schools is happening today in the same school grounds or worse, in the classroom. Indeed, for some time, pornographic videographies circulating on social networks. They show of Haitian students in uniform who engage in sexual acts while they are surrounded by their classmates… To prove the seriousness of the case, RNDDH directs you, electronically, two in such movies…

The RNDDH believes that these acts have been raised because of lax supervision in some schools run by people who have neither the competence nor the morality to train and educate young people. these two videos, only a tiny part of the problem. Youth of both sexes wearing uniforms, engaged in the street and in public transport vehicles, for sexual activities, ribald jokes… They also met in bars and in clubs…

The RNDDH requested the Ministry of Education intervene immediately in the school setting to end to “these unacceptable and immoral scenes” and also recommends involving the police and judicial institutions in the control of bars and clubs that accept children in uniform, hours or after school hours.

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About The Author

Valéry Bennett is a graduate student of Digital Publishing at ESCP, Paris. He is of Haitian descent and participates in the biennial mission trip with his church.