Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Money Laundering, Terror Financing Bill Fails in Senate


Haiti Beat Writer

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – A bill, if not passed would mean an end to money transfers into Haiti among other international banking sanctions, failed in the Senate on Tuesday due to an exit protest by Senator Mural Cantave (Artibonite/AAA), a close associate and cousin to Senator Youri Latortue (Artibonite/AAA).

The Senate organized an emergency session on Tuesday to address the threats of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) and other organizations and nations on the Haitian financial system. The session brought together a fragile quorum of 16 of the 30 senators.

They were to sit on a bill amending the law of November 11th, 2013 sanctioning money laundering and terrorist financing and the bill on the organization and operation of the Central Unit of Financial Information (UCREF) adopted by the Council of Ministers on August 30; the plenary session of Tuesday, which brought together a fragile quorum of 16 senators, was overturned by Sen. Carl Murat Cantave (Artibonite).

The decision of the Senator to speak before reversing the quorum by his departure came after the presentation on the Organic Law of UCREF by the President of the Commission ethics and anti-corruption, which recommended a favorable vote and just before ratification, article by article of this important legislation, part of the measures to prevent Haiti to be financially isolated internationally if these measures are not adopted before November.

In question, Senator Catave known for his intransigence, which does not recognize the Jocelerme Privert power, evokes a point of law on the constitutional legitimacy of Jocelerme Privert no longer Chairman since June 14 “We can not s offer for ridicule by passing a law filed by a usurper president that will still publish soon as it is passed by Parliament “He is convinced that his colleagues should not work” on a law subject to their discretion, by someone one that is no longer President of the country. ”

A position that has shocked his colleagues, including his allies, who do not understand this radicalization, as the country is in a serious economic threat and that every day counts …

The session was postponed to Wednesday …

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