Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Ciné Triomphe vandalized by ‘confused’ US deportee


Haiti Beat Writer

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The lavish Ciné Triomphe, which was just rebuilt and opened in 2015, was vandalized Monday. Haitian police say they’ve arrested a suspect. A man recently deported from the United States who may have been confused.

Irilis Macintosh was arrested and taken to the Port-au-Prince police station on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. In broken Creole, Macintosh explained to the press how he broke several windows of the Ciné Triomphe at Champ de Mars.

“Someone hit me with something that I have not identified. I was angry. I took two stones and I threw them at the windows,” he said.

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According to Commissioner Jean Alex Pierre Louis, he was arrested thanks to the collaboration of citizens.

“Irilis Macintosh was in an altercation with someone. I do not know what happened in his head, but he seems to have confused the Ciné Triomphe with the latter’s home”, said Commissioner Pierre Louis.

Pierre Louis says that Macintosh confessed his “odious act, this act of ‘barbarism’. It will be transferred to the judicial authorities.

Irilis Macintosh who regretted his action claims to be a deportee from the United States since April 18. He lives on the streets since arriving in Haiti.

He also complained of police violence ‘Nèg fockup mw yo man, they lifted me into the air and smashed me violently on the floor, they put their feet on me, on my neck.’

Ciné Théâtre Triomphe was recently renovated to the cost of 7 million US dollars. The official opening took place in June 2015.

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Post source : Loop Haiti

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