Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Dominicans: Haiti Gov’t will remove restrictions on 23 products

Samuel Maxime


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Dominican news agencies are reporting that the Haitian government has agreed to lift the import restrictions placed on 23 Dominican products since September 2015. Haitian authorities had reported on their meeting with the new Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tuesday, but made no announcement of any such regarding a lifting of the import ban.

According to the Dominican news agency, Hoy, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierrot Delienne, will only require that custom duties be paid by land importers – which has always been the law but enforcement debated – and that the Haitian government will have until late October to document 112,000 nationals living in the Dominican Republic. These nationals would be eligible for citizenship under the Dominican National Plan for the Regulation of Immigrants but did not have vital documents to apply before the July 2015 deadline.

Hoy reports that it was at a meeting away from the National Palace and at the Hotel El Rancho, near the Dominican Embassy in Port-au-Prince, that Minister ​​Vargas raised with his Haitian counterpart and the authorities of Haiti, a treaty to energize the flow of bilateral trade “unhindered and without objections” beyond those imposed by international trade rules.

“Let us propose, Mr. Chancellor, to meet periodically, to restore the tasks of the Joint Bilateral Commission for this handshake I offer you is always reminder sign of how sincere are these expressions of friendship, respect and good neighborly relations with Haiti” said the Dominican Minister.

Vargas was accompanied by Dominican entrepreneurs Juan Vicini, Manuel Estrella and Fernando Capellan, the Dominican Ambassador to Haiti, Ruben Silié, as well as officials and diplomats from the Dominican Foreign Ministry.

He said that both the Dominican Republic and Haiti must put aside what disengages them and undertake an action agenda from the points which should underpin a true friendship, which open the way to new ideas of trade and cultural relations, respecting their individual characteristics.

Vargas noted that mutual trust is essential, so that both sides should work on clear rules governing trade and investment guarantee, with efficient mechanisms that allow collision bypass routes.

Dominican Foreign Minister said that the existence of synergies is clear, as has been demonstrated with companies labor intensive that have settled in the north Haitian Dominican capital.

Vargas suggested combining best practices from both countries, ensuring that the Dominican side there is a genuine interest in working “shoulder to shoulder” with them.

In his view, the two countries should discuss important agreements, based on the mutual recognition of sanitary and phytosanitary measures and the application of tariff measures to
facilitate the areas of services and transport in Haiti.

He argued that the purpose of his visit is to hold a frank and sincere dialogue, in which the similarities greatly outweigh the differences, and it was no coincidence have chosen Haiti as the first country to visit in the newly inaugurated leadership of the Ministry of External relationships.

He said that the Dominican Republic has taken the relentless pursuit of freedom as inalienable cause, “and opposed to foreign interference sovereign vocation of peoples who have experienced firsthand the tragedy of imperial ambitions”, referring to diversity, “more a pitfall, is a factor that adds richness and variety to this side of the Caribbean, whose tourism potential is not yet fully developed. “

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Post source : Hoy

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Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.