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Deer Hunting
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Hunting is one of the major causes of extinction. An important step to protect wildlife is fighting against hunting. In many countries for example, deer hunting is illegal.
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One of the greatest threats to grizzly bears is habitat loss. We should protect their habitat by reducing waste, ending plastic pollutions, using non-toxic products, etc.
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Global climate change drastically affects desert climate. It results the deserts and other extremely hot and dry climates unbearable to some animals. This can be a major threat to wildlife.

Privert meets with transport unions amid backlash over fuel hike

Valéry Bennett

National Palace Correspondent

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – President Jocelerme Privert met with representatives of transportation unions, human rights and civil society organization during a meeting with the Presidential Commission on Trade Finance and Economy.

These talks come as the Executive’s measure to raise the cost of fuel prices has been receiving intense backlash. Haitian authorities went back on the decision on Friday ahead of the rendezvous but said that government operations would suffer.

The head of the Chamber’s Finance Committee, Deputy Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime, also participated in this meeting at The National Palace, Friday, 26 August 2016.

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About The Author

Valéry Bennett is a graduate student of Digital Publishing at ESCP, Paris. He is of Haitian descent and participates in the biennial mission trip with his church.