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Haiti doc, La Belle Vie, airing prime time on PBS

Dieulita Datus


Airing September 6, 2016 at 1pm on WXEL and at 11pm on WPBT2. If not showing in your area call your local station.

“La Belle Vie: The Good life” by American filmmaker with Haitian roots Rachelle Salnave will be making its return to the screen this fall and Haitians worldwide are anxiously anticipating its return. Born and raised in New York to Haitian parents, the University of Miami almunus is using her filmmaking skills to take the world with her as she dives into the often complicated and complex world of Haitian identity. The film will be finding its way to selected screens across the US.

Initially the film was to show the good life of some of Haiti’s more affluent residents but the devastating earthquake of January 2010 changed everything and so the good, the bad and the ugly side of the beautiful island nation forced its way into Salnave’s cameras. Searching for the true identity of Haitians proved to be a soul searching one even for Salnave as cameras caught her arguing with local Haitians that she was not a “blan” which can be translated as a white person but that Haitians have used to identify foreigners, Haitians or not.

The film has been accepted into international film festivals such as The Pan African festival and the Toronto Black Film Festival which speaks volumes. Although the trailer was released two years ago, and there were screenings in 2015 it is now gearing up for a big showing on selected local PBS stations and it has once again caught the attention of Haitian bloggers worldwide. As Haitian identity is something that many Haitians in the diaspora struggle with, the film is sure to continue to be a success. Beauty, lifestyle, traditions, poverty, luxury and inclusion of Haitians foreign to the land itself will be explored in depth and hopefully will answer some burning questions of the new generation of Haitians. The official trailer and other information on the film can be found on its official website at

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