Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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If I were a candidate.

Jean-Claude Roy


If I were a candidate for the highest office of my country, I would announce without hesitation, during my election campaign, my choice of the holders of ministries and that of my prime minister. Even in the case of non-parliamentary majority by my party, I wouldn’t transgress on these choices, because if I’m elected, it is that my supporters support my choice of these personalities.

In the same, I would announce the priorities of my five-year term.

To name a few, I would reinstitute the Armed Forces of Haiti and place it under mandatory civic service. In the first 3 months of my term, I’d put on foot the Constitutional Council and the Permanent Electoral Council and convene a National Conference that includes, as one of its main tasks, to propose constitutional amendments, that it would submit to parliament.

I would demand the continuation of the administrative investigation initiated by the Senate by the institutions that have to do it. I would subjugate a draft law that would demand military service for all Haitians between 18 and 25 years and would make the obligation to vote a duty for which non-compliance would be punishable as for the non-payment of taxes. I would subjugate a draft law on political parties in order to encourage a better structure.

Among the proposals for amendments that I would subjugate to Parliament, there would be:

  • new electoral system that would promote the parties’ policies and a more equitable representation; a system of proportions.
  • the duration of the mandates of members would be reduced to two years and whose elections with consideration of the renewal by the thirds of the Senate.
  • the parity of wages of the heads of the three powers of the state
  • a new method of payment to parliamentarians – tokens for presence – sit and you will be paid.
  • the time given to parliament to decide on a draft law – in case of indifference to the draft law will be for 8 days, the project would become law in the same way as the proposal of the law.
  • make the president an official in the same way as members of the government.
  • the elimination of impunity to any state authority whose function or mandate would have ended.
  • make law all draft laws submitted to parliament by extraordinary convening and for those who would not meet on the scheduled date.
  • an increase of the powers of the office for the protection of the citizen
  • sharing of seats to be filled, beyond ministries and Prime Minister, when no party enjoys the parliamentary majority. He would get according to the representatives of the three major political groupings in Parliament.
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