Monday, June 25, 2018
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Democrats ‘Build a Wall’ to keep out Bernie supporters

Samuel Maxime


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, USA ( – Following two days of utter chaos on the Democratic National Committee Convention floor, the DNC has taken measures to keep the peace ahead of it nominee, Hillary Clinton’s, acceptance speech.

Democrats Build a Wall at Convention

“Build bridges, not walls”, the Clinton campaign slogan could not hold up at the convention in Philly where the DNC has built a wall. More than a dozen have been pepper-sprayed and arrested trying to scale and cut through the structure.

Day 1 of the Democratic convention saw boos and hisses at every turn the name Hillary Clinton was uttered on stage. Nearly half of the delegates at the convention are supporters of Bernie Sanders and along with some Clinton delegates, they are outraged after a Wikileaks email dump proved what they all had suspected, a primary rigged to win Clinton the nomination.

Sanders supporters are so enraged that they even booed the Vermont Senator when he tried to get them to back Clinton, a nominee they feel is not trustworthy in the least.

On day 2 of the convention officials took away all Bernie signs and signage critical of Clinton. Disgruntled delegates responded by taking permissable signs and distorting them to read their own message. For example, “Stronger Together” signs had letters blued-out to read “Stop Her”.

On day 3, early in the day, Sanders supporters staged a walk out. The night prior, some had their convention credentials taken away. It was rumored but unconfirmed that popular Sanders surrogate was also ejected from the convention. At the very least, it was announced that she would not be allowed to speak.

What really came in was the building of a roughly 10 foot wall of tightly linked fencing that cannot be scaled. DNC officials and law enforcement have used this structure to keep out a plethora of different groups, including Bernie supporters, who are trying to make their voices heard in Philadelphia.

The irony apparent, because Democrats have criticized the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump’s, idea to build a wall along the United States’ porous southern border. Trump is hoping to control the flow of unchecked travelers into the country while Democrats are trying to keep out the liberal wing of the party.

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About The Author

Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.