Sunday, July 15, 2018
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3 Baton Rouge police officers dead in shootout with black man

Samuel Maxime


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana , USA ( – 3 officers were killed, 3 others were wounded in a shoot out with a man from Missouri in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sunday morning. The shooter is 29 year old Gavin Eugene Long a former marine who was black.

3 police officers, 3 killed in Baton Rouge

According to police, a 911 call was made saying a man was near the department’s headquarters carrying a gun. That dispatch, in and of itself, would not mean a crime is taking place in the State of Louisiana.

The facts of how you Long and the police became engaged is not all known but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating it as an ambush.

The shooter was reported to have been in all black and in a black mask. Police say he was from Missouri and was alone in the shootout which took place on his birthday. A total of 6 police officers were shot and three died. One of the fallen were black.

The shooting comes after the shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas. Five died on July 8 when a 26 year old black male, Micah Xavier Johnson, began sniping at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Following the shooting of Alton Sterling on July 6, the Baton Rouge Police Department had been the scene of protests in the thousands including open carry proponents such as the New Black Panthers.

Gavin Long

Gavin Eugene Long, 29
Gavin Eugene Long, 29
Police reported that at 8:40 am Gavin Long was dressed in all black and in possession of a rifle behind a beauty store.

But Louisiana has an Open carry policy meaning firearms may be openly carried without a permit, as long as the user is of at least 17 years of age and legally able to possess a firearm under state and federal law.

None the less, at 8:42 am reports of shots fired had came in through the dispatch. At 8:45 am police officers were reported down. Three officers died in the line of duty and three others were wounded.

The incident is said to had taken place not far from the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters, the scene of many protests following the death of Alton Sterling. An East Baton sherrif’s deputy was among the dead officers. A convenience store or coffee house where police officers congregated was near.

Police transmissions

House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted:

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