Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Sources: Clinton FBI interview scheduled for Saturday

Samuel Maxime


WASHINGTON, D.C., USA ( – The long-awaited FBI interview of the former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is scheduled for Saturday, according to sources. The questioning of Clinton is said to be the final step before federal investigators issue their findings which may include a recommendation for indictment.

The Daily Caller delivered news of the interview early Friday afternoon. The questions will surround Clinton’s use of a private homebrew email server as secretary of state, and possibly but unclear, malfeasance by the Clinton Foundation. Their source expects the interview to be held at Clinton’s Washington, D.C. home.

The location of the interview would allow the former Secretary of State (2009-13) to avoid being a part of the scene of walking in to and out of FBI headquarters. Video and images of other top Clinton aides, who were already interviewed in the same case, have been looped and circulated around the web and different mediums of news reports.

Justice Department says it will accept FBI recommendations

Earlier in the same day that news of the FBI interview broke out, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she expects to accept the recommendations of the FBI and “career” prosecutors that are handling the Clinton email probe. Lynch has been suspected for months would serve as a safety net for Hillary Clinton.

In the event investigators would recommend indictment, observers expected the Obama appointee would deny sitting a grand jury. But after news got out of a private meeting with former U.S. President Bill Clinton on Monday, Lynch has faced a firestorm of criticism that has cast a shadow on the integrity of her department and the investigation.

It appears to be consensus that FBI Director James Comey, a man said to be of unquestionable integrity, will recommend indictment just off of information that is publicly available. Dozens of investigators have worked the Clinton email case for more than a year. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks proclaimed earlier this month that he had emails of Clinton’s that would be enough for indictment, but doubted, perhaps until the attorney general’s statement, that an indictment would come.

In December 2015, the investigation expanded into the Clinton Foundation and how the foundation have intersected with State Department business. It deserves noting that the State Department, Wednesday, requested that emails pertaining to the foundation not be released for 27 months.

What this means for the Democratic nomination

Supporters of Democratic Primary Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, believe he is remaining in the race because an indictment against Secretary Clinton, now the presumptive Democratic nominee, would come down before the July 28, 2016 convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sanders polls much stronger against the Presumptive Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. He amassed a strong following throughout the primaries going from virtually unknown to the favorite of progressives. His supporters believe if not for collusion with the DNC and voter suppression, Sanders would be the presumptive nominee of the party.

Neither Clinton or Sanders have reached the required delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. Both hopefuls, even Clinton who leads in pledged delegates, will need super-delegates to take them over the top. If an indictment is issued before super-delegates vote in Philadelphia, it is believed the super-delegates will swing to Sanders.

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Post source : The Daily Caller

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