Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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WaPo: Could Haiti shock Brazil?

Samuel Maxime


ORLANDO, Florida, USA ( – Haiti will face the five-time World Cup Champions, Brazil, on Wednesday, and despite what appears a rout in the making, the Washington Post had to ask, “Could Haiti Shock Brazil?”

Copa America Centenario Brazil VS Haiti PRE-MATCH

The article by Ryan Bacic is not wrong for asking the question. The Haitian Grenadiers have had some stunning performances against Spain and Italy in recent years. It’s Gold Cup run in 2015 was memorable. Haiti seems always just a few “what ifs”, a couple of inches of ball trajectory, just one breath from a Cinderella story.

Brazilian defender Marquinhos isn’t letting his team fall asleep against Haiti. He told his teammates that the Seleção cannot play Haiti the way they played against Ecuador and expect to win.

“We need to have our feet on the ground [versus Haiti],” explained the right back. “We need to respect our opponent and know that nothing is given to us just because we are the Seleção. We need to perform and we need to earn all the points we get.”

In the Copa America Centenario, Bacic points out that Brazil is “severely shorthanded” and that a blown out-of-bounds call in its opening match against Ecuador, would have put both teams tied at the bottom of their group.

It could also be said that the easy header missed by Haiti’s Kervens Belfort in its opener against Peru, should have, could have, would have, put Haiti on top coming in to Wednesday match up.

We at The Sentinel agree whole heartedly with Bacic, if Haiti can keep the game close – a tall order in itself – Duckens Nazon and the bunch might have the moxie to pull an upset against the Canarinho.

The two teams kick-off at 7:30 p.m. at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Check the MLS preview.

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Post source : Washington Post

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