Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Dominican salon snuck relaxer in natural woman’s hair

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MARIETTA, Georgia, USA ( – Black women with natural hair are complaining about two Dominican hair salons in Georgia that are sneaking hair relaxer in their shampoo. The women say now their hair won’t style into twists, refusing to curl as it naturally would.

The story from Fusion is as follows:
When a Georgia woman recently scheduled an appointment at Lucy’s Dominican Hair Salon in Marietta, she assumed that the blow out she’d asked for would consist of a simple shampooing, conditioning, and of course, blow drying.

Though she left the salon satisfied, three days later, she noticed something amiss when she washed her hair at home in preparation to style it into twists. For some reason, her hair refused to curl as it naturally would and large chunks appeared to have been unusually straight. When she called the salon about just what they had done to her hair, they informed her that chemical relaxer had been added to the shampoo without her knowledge.

As anyone with naturally curly, kinky hair will explain to you, using any amount of relaxer isn’t something that you do casually. The active ingredients in most relaxers are alkaline chemicals like lye or ammonium sulfite that have a pH somewhere between 10 and 14. The caustic properties of these substances break down hair’s protein structure, resulting looser, straighter curls. Cases in which relaxer is left in for too long can result in severely damaged hair and irritated skin.

Read more on this story by Charles Pulliam-Moore and the response from the salon.

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Post source : Fusion

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