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Candidate Jean-Charles Moïse addresses President Barack Obama

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Haiti Sentinel

Jean-Charles Moise and Barack Obama
Former Senator and Presidential Candidate Jean-Charles Moise and U.S. President Barack Obama

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – The former Senator and Presidential Candidate, Jean-Charles Moïse, wrote to the U.S. President, Barack H. Obama, on Friday in regards to the “flawed” diplomacy the U.S. has been pursuing in Haiti, particularly in the past five years and specifically regarding the long overdue and troubled electoral process.

In his letter, Moïse spoke of the importance of a verification commission that all “vital sectors” of Haitian national life had been demanding for months. It is the absence of such a commission and independent audit that ultimately brought the 2015 elections, marred by widespread violence and massive fraud, to a halt on January 22, 2016.

The letter, translated to English from Le Nouvelliste follows:

The Haitian citizen Jean-Charles Moïse sends his well wishes.
This correspondence today is to shine a light on the flawed approach of U.S. diplomacy towards the electoral crisis in Haiti. It follows recent statements made by Secretary of State John Kerry immediately following those of Mr. Kenneth Merten.

I will stick to the essence. “A small group of competitors of the 2015 elections are sore losers, and through a verification committee, a political instrument to prevent the continuation of the electoral process, out applicants ranked highest according to the preliminary results, and suddenly make lose face in the international community, including the US government. While the transition of power had to stick to the recommendations of the Evaluation Commission and pursuant to the Agreement of 5 February 2016. In these circumstances, despite its concern to assist the Haitian people in its major difficulties and its democratic path, the US administration is not ready to finance elections that do not fit into the logic of the continuity of the process.”

This approach, as we have said, Mr. President, is in good faith, deliberately flawed. It is all of the vital sectors of the Haitian Nation who are calling for, with hearts and tears, for a verification commission to give credibility to these elections and confer – where applicable – to power what would come out, a necessary legitimacy, even indispensable, for the stability of country and to allow it to deal methodically with the major challenges ahead.

Mr. President, how did we get here?
Complacency or complicity – I know that some representatives of international friendship before the disastrous governance Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, Manichaeism and the nihilism of his power with indecent reflexes sustainability, gangrene of corruption that must be eradicated in the public administration are, among others, the main causes of this election crisis. It goes without saying that there was no will on Mr. Martelly to hold elections since no constitutional deadlines relating thereto has been met.

Yes, Excellency, the presumption of massive fraud in the organization of electoral contests of 2015, in the Haitian collective consciousness is very strong. And for good reason. Here, as back in time in fiction, I am emboldened by this date of April 20, 2016 bringing my 49th birthday, to speak to Senator Obama.

Colleague in the turmoil of new mutations of Western civilization, now in its restructuring phase, you are a witness … ..a mark.

Following the day marking the end of the bipolar world, the only thought was planning a denial of the law of opposites yet cosmic principle regulating the balance of species and promoting the spirit of tolerance in the organization and dynamics of societies. Globalization was grinning like a giant monster getting ready to greedily devour the little peoples. But in this millennium under the sign of Man, the policy of the “big stick” unbecoming for reconciliation strategies of human communities and global integration of peoples. He had had so much light on the debate of globalization, globalization …… the Global Village. Especially in the spiral of digital with the development and spread of nuclear, environmental challenges, demographic explosion and worsening poverty, financial crashes, and. Some impatient and have led to unsuccessful wars, the endless one, others terrifying.

In this too convulsed restructuring of our civilization, conservatism becomes afraid of any innovative idea. The “Yes We Can” the Illinois senator was in the same vein, scared. But history will remember that America, after all, will not be ashamed of your presidency.

Dear colleague, with the arrival on the political scene of “platfom Pitit Dessalines,” more than a questionnent- not without a priority why this political structure now unavoidable strength, despite his early youth. The leaders of this organization, including its leader, given their inclination to give back to the political practice the colors of his morals, virtues of honesty and patriotism they cherish finished, the consistency of their discourse and action helping policy by wearing the national soul in all its components and sociometric in its majority dimension to marry the perfect dessalinien we offer.

In truth-and it’s not Kenneth MERTEN with whom we have already had interesting exchanges that tell the contrary established by the Martelly to a fraudulent electoral machine is part of this fear of the accession to power in Haiti platfom Pitit Dessalines.

I’ll be the president of the largest military power in the world.

Geopolitical reports and requirements of integration Global Village does not exclude the assertion of peoples. In this respect, I highly appreciate the position of France in the European Union which agitates the question of French identity and the attempts of many countries of the free world to accept cultural interaction to achieve in s’ listening to each other, the renewal of our civilization … in short, of our humanity.

Pitit Dessalines is the expression of a non-demagogic nationalism, not provocative rather that is molded in the quest to find the Haitian, Haitian dignity and human integrity, in its potential and proven to discuss, negotiate, cooperate for a clear improvement in conditions of the greatest number, a dynamic middle class, clean and multiplicative benefit of the business class in the regularity of the market and good public governance.

How to remain indifferent to the dying face here and there through the streets and especially in the ghettos of thousands of children, men and women who have not eaten for two or three days? How to remain indifferent to distressing shows such corpses littering, under the sun, the soil of the largest hospital in Port-au-Prince and swarming worms only because the service of the morgue is not operational, otherwise and who is to blame? How to remain indifferent when the inflation rate reached 12%, GDP is $ 700 / capita, the growth rate dropped to 0.9%, 0.7% of national income is allocated to more than 70% the population and 50% of that income to less than 10% of the population. Poverty and inequality are flagrant and macabre. They challenge the civic consciousness. I pointed out in my speech to the UN forum on March 13, 2014. I said that global food production is likely to feed 12 billion people. Although it has only 7 billion 300 million, more than a third of the world population languished in abject poverty. Are there no need to empower an unjust economic system? Curious processes in the management of humanitarian? Again and again, in countries like ours, poor distribution of wealth?

Excellence, Dessalinienne Thought is the apostles of freedom and solidarity of men, the Peacemaker who opt for sleep tranquility of their neighbors, to those who think those who have nothing. This thought is not due respect to the detractors who attack the truth of history, a universal heritage.

Choosing platfom Pitit Dessalines to favor South Dialogue / South is in line with the approximation of sister states for emerging together. It can not be interpreted as a desire to hamper trade and strategic interests of friendly Powers.

Rather, hanging on the project of the national first self-sufficient production to employment afterwards, and finally profitable, platfom Pitit DESSALINES suggest your administration, Mr. President, not to pay the same miscalculation of ‘Humanitarian. For example, the gift tons of pistachio would be more profitable to the nation if converted into money, it would serve to provide our farmers mechanical equipment and inputs needed for large-scale production. The experience of the extermination of our Creole pigs in the 80 and the invasion of foreign rice has plunged our farmers in an unworthy assistant leaves us with mouth a very bitter taste.

peasant leader, very much involved in all known social movements of the hemisphere as the world vying for the revaluation of Man and for social justice, elected mayor in 3 circumstances and Senator of the Republic, I pleaded for a divorce with political adventurism, the fight against administrative corruption and impunity, for good governance a fair redistribution of wealth and national income, international cooperation and a worthy Haitian brotherhood rid of old clichés.

With these directions platfom Pitit Dessalines, in light of the truths established on the results of the last elections, will assume the power to initiate the Peaceful Revolution.
On behalf of Haiti covering his prestige Nation and its self-determination of the people, I ask you, Your Excellency Mr. President, accept my highest considerations.

Secretary General platfom Pitit DESSALINES
Candidate for President of Haiti

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Post source : Le Nouvelliste

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