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Martelly writes President Privert: “country threatened by deep crisis”

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Haiti Sentinel

COTES DES ARCADINS, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – Former President Michel Martelly, who left the National Palace in February without a successor, wrote, two months later in a letter to the provisional president, that “[Haiti] is threatened by a deep crisis.”

Michel Martelly
Martelly finger pointing (file)

The former Head of State pointed the finger at the provisional administration, less than two months in power, writing his concern that elections, 5 years not held while he was in power, and bleak according to the February 6, 2016 accord, may not be held during that contract’s time.

The letter:


Port-au-Prince, April 15, 2016

His excellence
Mr. Jocelerme Privert
Provisional President
National Palace

Mr. Provisional President,

Two months after the end of my term and after having negotiated and signed with you, in your capacity as President of the Senate, together with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, a crisis agreement, the country is threatened by a deep crisis as I wanted to avoid.

Indeed, by signing this agreement, I wanted to avoid a political crisis in the country after the coup of January 22, 2016 and contribute to the exercise of democracy; it is in this spirit that I left office on schedule by the Constitution, assuring me, as it was planned, that power is transmitted, May 14, 2016, to a legitimate President, coming from elections.

I remind you, Mr. Provisional President, this agreement was written by you, according to your own terms and conditions and you did, eventually, become the main beneficiary, directly responsible for its implementation?

It is inconceivable that after two consecutive presidencies life lasted thirty years the country reaches, thirty years later, to hold elections that are the subject of dispute and it is always useful to refer to arbitration of the international community to decide. This finding shocks as both domestic and foreign observers.

It is abnormal for some Haitian politicians resort to every trick, the best they can to prevent the holding of elections and that it offers the world the sad spectacle than all of them were motivated only by personal and petty interests. Many of those who have shown themselves hostile to the elections have been appointed in the transitional government that they want to convert to final government without recourse to the ballot box, using every artifice. The new deal is to separate amicably, touchy-feely, executive power with senators, as a sort of war booty that is returned between winners officers. The Senate is made almost dysfunctional today because as senators are offered administrative functions as a reward – the Senators leaving Parliament to become ministers. This approach will not hold water, Mr. provisional President.

The present government is given an extensive agenda or unlimited which in no way corresponds to his term, circumscribed in the agreement signed between you and me 5 February 2016. This approach will not help resolve the crisis, it will rather worsen .

It is urgent to start the organization process of the second round of presidential elections and a legitimate government is in place on time. It would be reasonable that we stop using subterfuge to nibble a few months the mandates of elected unmentionable purposes. The country will not benefit from the repetition of this situation consisting want this practice to replace a constitutional government by a provisional government, and removal of regulatory sine die elections to allow some time for management to this provisional government. I would like to know the motivation … This situation will continue to increase insecurity and taint the country’s image in the eyes of our partners and of course those who have no interest in this situation … It is the main reason that led me to choose from all the options, to sign the agreement of February 5 and 7 from the following February.

The strategists of this government, who believe themselves alone on the planet, establish persecution in all its forms to achieve their ends. Their main program is called the “demartellisation”. This program is to humiliate my former colleagues and paradoxically, the very people who accompanied me to the last days of my mandate. This way of demonstrating the incoherence and inconsistency of these persecutions that undermine democracy and destroy the democratic spirit. A first tactic was to accuse them of things they are completely unrelated, no one has established. When they consider having to defend, they are directly threatened, accused of challenging the statements of President and deprived of their freedom of movement. A Government Commissioner, former MP of the people, not judge the accounts of officials and department clerk of the state, begins by establishing a departure ban list before even hearing his victims or having seen records that attributable to them.

I believe in the necessity of any state administrator accountable for its management, however if justice is blind, it must not be blinded.

That the nation remains vigilant and take care for the necessary and vital fight against corruption will provide an opportunity to commit glaring injustices, even in the name of reason of state, ie as was famously said President Rene Préval, in a similar situation “few honest, competent and serious people willing to be at the service of their country in the belief that the state can not be inhabited by malevolent and poor” (sic)

I have not signed the agreement of February 5 to encourage the violation of individual rights. How many times does it not happened to you, Mr. President interim, you can rule in areas that are not yours, denial of rights and responsibilities of legally constituted institutions. Stating for example, more than once, members of PHTK as their presidential candidate is classified in 5th position while not a member of the Electoral Council! Who do you rank in first place, Mr. President?

I invite you patriotically to excel and to be away from the siren song, for the singers do not know the pain nor the responsibilities of a president. They believe that everything is possible for him. Woe to a president who thinks he can do everything. The only recourse of a Head of State in these situations, it is the law; he must have constantly recourse to the law. This saved me many aberrations even if he left me enmities within my own camp. Anyway, there is a choice to make. There are a lot of ways. I chose to see things with height without guile. We must allow time dictatorships and political violence behind us and give up trying to control the power by all means, the risk of keeping the country in the indignity and deprivation of its citizens.

If we want to work towards the establishment of democracy in Haiti, we must devote a determined and serious manner, with all our might, with all our being and all our mind, so the temptation to go in the opposite direction is tall. The only guarantee is the respect of our institutions.

It is in this sense that I had chosen to visit all former Heads of State living in the country. This decision was not unanimous around me. But my desire to gather all the elites and all the forces of the country to usher in an era of progress had dictated to me. I did it for reassurance. During my administration, political freedoms peaked, the press, the climax of freedom. My ministers were speaking freely and I never found any harm to the expression of contrary positions. I was not the head but the coordinator. I never considered myself the judge acts of my predecessors or their ministers. I was not forced to walk on their paths, I could return to some of their decisions, without trying to put them into question. Because the Constitution, which must be our compass, fixed the responsibility of each and every institution. On my desk and my bedside table, there was always a copy of the Constitution. A President of the Republic should never be tired of reading and rereading the Constitution.

I know you know it by heart. you are attributed, rightly or wrongly, a thorough knowledge of administrative matters. I encourage you to read and reread the Constitution, our administrative laws, texts of administrative and civil proceedings every day and not to deviate from it, as I implore you, for the good of the country, not to deviate from text of the agreement of 5 February we signed. The country will be grateful. So your dream will be fulfilled, exhaussés your wishes. You will have gained esteem and respect in the eyes of Haitians and international partners engaged with us in the redemption of the country. History will you witness such a great patriot … Before you, others have tried to go in the opposite direction of history, they all regretted.

The events of recent days have motivated me to write this letter. I do it with all humility and in a patriotic fervor, while there is still time. My patriotism command me to recommend you not to yield to the temptation of those who will not wait for the second cock-crow to drop you.

Please accept, Mr. provisional President, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Michel Joseph Martelly
56th President of the Republic of Haiti

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